Testimonials Video, great successes

Testimonials Video, great successes on body, mind and soul

Real live people: testifying, what Albert Emanuel Kessler and HowToHealYourHeart did for their health, their lives and their emotional stabilty. Lilu was a cancer patient with major pain in her hips, she could barel stand up straight, after two weeks of emotional body work and manual therapy, she was pain so painfree, she did not even have to get an operation, Irene had a trauma with her Ceasarian Section, through our coaching she managed to overwrite the painful memory with a powerful feeling of deep experience, Christa had a hip dysplasia, her medical diagnosis was to never be able to run again, after 1,5 weeks of bodyworks, breathing, mind technique and emotional stabilization, she actually could jog through the woods for about 15 minutes, Peter had so much back pain, he could only crawl on all fours, after direct natural manual therapy and constant body works, he could stand up and walk again, more important he could keep his job as a lifeguard! Andrea is an animal therapist and life coach, she was in deep emotional and existential crisis when she met Albert Emanuel Kessler, who not only helped her regain her emotional stability but with it, money sources opened and one possibility led to another, so she actually could move to a different country with her 7 donkeys!…. You can see our testimonial video here: http://www.howtohealyourheart.at/testimonials/ but you can also take the test, then you will be directed to this site: http://www.howtohealyourheart.at/sorry/. Many of our testimonials are women, but we have helped a number of men with the following issues: job crisis, stage fright, personal bourders etc. We hope we could inform you about our biological-medicinal approach as well, we see the heart as the source of many healing possibilites, once your heart is strong hopeful and selfconfident again, health and prosperity follow!

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