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Who are We? This company is centered in a network of Natural Healers, Medical Doctors, Life- and Spiritual Coaches, who have one thing in common: We all believe that the HEART is one of the most powerful sources of both: our healthiest SUCCESSES and our most CHALLENGING SUFFERINGS! The reason, why we are so convincend that the HEARTHEALING is one of the FUNDAMENTALS for any kind of therapy is, that everybody in our group has experienced the exact opposite on themselves and in the lives of their clients : When hope and strength in the Heart are low, injuries and diseases follow!             

Albert Emanuel Kessler

born 1978 in Vienna/Austria

Chief Therapy Management 


Natural Therapy

Body & Mind Coach/Trainer


Diploma for Natural Therapy

Diploma for Martial Arts, Fitness and Meditation

Diploma for Reiki 4./ Master&Tacher´s Degree

Diploma for Lomi Lomi: Basic& Pregnant women

State Diploma for Musical Theatre (Stage Dancing, Singing, Acting)

Diploma for Medicine Wheel/ Native American Shamanism, Native Spirit

Diploma for Apnoa diving basic

Diploma for Druidry, OBOD

Longterm Autodidactic Studies:


Tantra 10 years 

Shiatsu & TCM 8 years

TAO-school of Mantak Chia

Biological and New Medicine 

Celtic Shamanism

Core Shamanism after Michael Harner 5 years

Work with Chi, Prana, Chakras & Kundalini: 20 years

Studies on the most efficient Cross-points of  


over 20 years!

Myoreflexmassage /Pressure Points/ Liebscher&Bracht

Online Marketing/Business Coaching


Christie. S. Mother Life Coach

"For 9 years my medical history said I would never run again! After only 2 Weeks of Albert Emanuels Emotional Bodywork I was jogging through the woods!"

Andrea R. Master Shaman, Life Coach, Animal Therapist

"I was at the end of the road. No money, no clients and I had to move out with 7 life Donkeys! Through Albert Emanuels "Emotional Business" Coaching we managed to find a new home, and a budget for a newstart"

Anja H. Musical Actor/Model/Performer

I was so often scared of certain songs in my repertoire, that many castings and even shows were pure nightmares! With Albert Emanuels Emotional Body and Vocal Work I had a tool which I KNEW worked and relaxed me in the most stressful of situations!



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Work with your TIGRE!

Our philosophy is simple: if you want to transform PAIN into POWER you have to embrace PAIN first! This can be done with different approaches and techniques. If we look at this problem now in the first phase primarily via the approaches of Natural Therapy and Emotional Bodyworks, One would be to be curious WHERE in the body you can locate the feeling that is hurting you, and try to move the energy in this area around, so that it doesn’t get stuck, ideally in combination with asanas from Yoga and pressure point massages from myoreflex-therapy.  Another is a mind technique derived from native-shamanism: Here you try to imagine becoming a poweranimal, like a dragon, a TIGRE or a giant eagle,  which is here to protect you from the feeling and actually FIGHT the “bad emotion” maybe also depicted as monster or a demon in your mind. Your fantasy should be borderless here, and you could and should produce, create and direct your own fantasy-movie with full consciousness. That already improves most of the pain in most cases by at least 30%. To be honest it does not erase all of the pain yet, but it EMPOWERS you into becoming a creator for change, which is the most important part for your mental health.  What we have experienced as very healthy is, if you choose the way of the heart-“warrior” an enormous amount of bio-energy can be created by using technique from the Pranayama called the FIRE-BREATH combined with the Qui-gong technique of the “chi-pump”. More about that in our BLOG. 

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