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Seminars for Men and Women

ALELA (Albert Emmanuel Akademie)-Methode is the name of a body&mind work, which has been partly already scientifically proven to activate the self healing powers within your body. Leave your role of the victim , become a „victorious creator“ and use a body and mind-technique to transform frustration into lust-activation and panic into power!   The method is easy to learn but based many deep holistic philosophies, like traditional chinese medicine, european natural therapy, soft martial arts and the wisdom of yoga, tao and the most efficient coaching elements from dance, voice, expression and spirituality. For Women as„Dragon Power“ for Men as „LionHeart“ seminars. 

Costs: 1.) Weekend-seminar with 5 days online coaching 250€-330€ excluding cost for Bed & Breakfast. 

2.) 21 Day Process (3 Weekends plus online coaching in between) 700€-880€/ person.

Health & Touch

The manual natural therapy of Albert Emmanuel Kessler is based on fudamental studies in: Dance, Acrobatics, Yoga, Martial Arts and Fitness, Reiki, Lomi Lomi and Tantra. „My treatment technique (HEA or Kundalela) works with YOUR individual needs. WE focus on one goal, which the try to achieve through regular treatment but also body&mind work.

Basic Package in the Example of a Lumbago-treatment:

500-800€ from being completely immobilized to being able to go to work again. 

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FAMILY-Seminar SPECIAL: Family Chore Games

How to make your kids love doing the dishes and help in the household?

Easy! You just transform all the unpleasant work into an interactive adventure-game, a live-thriller, in which the whole family becomes a team of agents.

The mission, should they choose to accept it will reward them with game points but also with the skill of teamwork and learning to say what you want. E-Book on Amazon 0€… family  and weekend -workshop, 250€/family (excluding tax and the cost for bed&breakfast) 

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