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OUR TESTIMONIALS! How to feel victorious!

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how to become POSITIVE & IMMUNE
how to heal your heart

What is my problem?

"Most diseases have their roots in the soul!" Hippokrates

how to heal your heart

How can I deal with it?

"Knowing our Shadows is the first step on our way into the Sun" Plato

how to heal your heart

How can I heal?

"The Heart shows the Way, Body & Brain follow" A.E.Kessler

What is my problem?

Possibly your body shows symptoms of depression, burn out, autogressive or even virological diseases, which you might interpret as the “problem”. Really the problem lies beneath the symptoms. It is situated in your emotions and beliefs. Listening to your body will tell WHICH part of the soul and mind you want to deal with to find a helpful sollution…

How can I deal with it?

Every heart hurts in it´s way. Every soul has her journey. There is no one way sollution to a problem.  But there are things that unite us as human beings. We all deal with our personal, professional, medicinal or spiritual crisis  through our bodies. Creating a BODY& MIND routine which is completely adaptable to your lifestyle and incorporates YOUR habits and wishes is the first step to a permanent HEALING.

How can I heal?

Taking RESPONSIBILITY for EVERYTHING that comes your way including disease and illness is switching from the role of the VICTIM to the role of the CREATOR. Using your personal routine as an emotional base to become a better creator every day, will make it easy for any other therapy or medicinal treatment to help you to achieve health, hope and happiness. Why? Because it is really YOU who goes there, we can only give you a set of tools and show you one of many ways.

Who are WE?

Our Quality, Your Value!

"I followed my heart- it lead me to you!"

Albert Emanuel Kessler

born 1978 in Vienna/Austria

Chief Therapy Management 


Natural Therapy

Body & Mind Coach/Trainer


Diploma for Natural Therapy

Diploma for Martial Arts, Fitness and Meditation

Diploma for Reiki 4./ Master&Tacher´s Degree

Diploma for Lomi Lomi: Basic& Pregnant women

State Diploma für Musical Theatre (Stage Dancing, Singing, Acting)

Diploma for Medicine Wheel/ Native American Shamanism, Native Spirit

Diploma for Apnoa diving basic

Longterm Autodidactic Studies:


Tantra 10 years 

Shiatsu & TCM 8 years

TAO-school of Mantak Chia

Biological and New Medicine 

Druidry & Celtic Shamanism 3 years

Core Shamanism after Michael Harner 5 years

Work with Chi, Prana, Chakras & Kundalini: 20 years

Studies on the most efficient Cross-points of  


over 20 years!

Myoreflexmassage /Pressure Points/ Liebscher&Bracht

Online Marketing/Business Coaching


Who are We? This company is centered in a network of Natural Healers, Medical Doctors, Life- and Spiritual Coaches, who have one thing in common: We all believe that the HEART is one of the most powerful sources of both: our healthiest SUCCESSES and our most CHALLENGING SUFFERINGS! The reason, why we are so convincend that the HEARTHEALING is one of the FUNDAMENTALS for any kind of therapy is, that everybody in our group has experienced the exact opposite on themselves and in the lives of their clients : When hope and strength in the Heart are low, injuries and diseases follow!             

Based on the latest studies of the human brain-, DNA- and intercellular-activity we see the human body not just as an intelligent, biomechanical organism but also as an emotional, spiritual energy field, who constantly interact and communicate with each other. Having to decide on just one view, seems to us like having to perceive the world with either the left or the right eye. In our understanding this can only lead to a limited form of perception and therefor a limited possibility to help! That is why we abide by the philosophy of bringing Heart and Brain in both hemispheres together, which has been proven as ultimatley energizing by both modern quantum science and ancient spiritual wisdom.


Heilung in der Natur

SPECIAL emotional BODY&MIND-work in NATURE
to create your personal
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